Sunday, November 8, 2009

The title of this blog is

It's kind of sad, really.
I am one woman, alone in the tornado of 5 boys in this house.
The man-boy is the poster child for entropy...any system he is a part of tends to disorder at astonishing rates!
And I am having a hard time keeping up.
With working, going to school, and planning a wedding, it got pretty bad for a while there.
Now I'm down to just school, and I'm not doing much better!
Oh well.
Me and entropy, we will make it through this.
I will conquer it for a time, and then it will creep back into my life, silently, stealthily; or it will burst back in, over one particularly busy weekend.
Either way, it's a dance, a tug-of-war.


Friday, August 7, 2009

Life is

It really is.
I can't stop marveling at the incredible beauty of the way it unfolds around me.

I am so lucky and I am grateful for this good fortune every single day!

There is a summer thunder shower brewing outside, the sunny day growing darker and the trees all dancing in the breeze.

I am filled with joy because once again, my True Love has shown me how deeply he loves me and how willing he is to work with me to overcome my fears.

What a goofy, sappy blog this is.
I love it!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Rain, rain, Go AWAY!!

It's rained a lot this summer.
But oh well.
At least I'm home.

There was a time when I thought the interent solved every problem,
And then there was a time when I thought the internet caused all my problems.
I was right both times, and I was wrong.
But that's just sort of the way life works, isn't it?

I was just rolling a couple of words around in my mouth because they rhyme, and I'm not sure I ever noticed that before: furious and curious.

I just ordered a couple of new albums.
Maybe a strange duo, maybe not.
Wilco's latest, but my first Wilco purchase.
And Br00ke White...from Uh-merican Idyl.
She's my Car0le K!ng--love her voice and her soulfulness.

Also, I'm sort of wondering what kind of metaphorical (or metaphysical, perhaps?) lesson could be gleaned from the following scenario:
Through no fault of my own, I've ended up with 4 cats living in my house, sharing my bed (ugh). Cats which should be BALD, considering how much hair I sweep up (or ought to sweep up) on a daily basis. Cats...cats who are very good at killing and maiming small furry creatures. Mice, moles, birds--your guts are at risk to be smeared across my welcome mat! Yesterday's catch of the day? A baby bat. One minute Rocko is silently slinking across a tree branch, the next, there is a shredded-winged bat on my porch. Sigh. The best part? Tonight the thing was eaten or carried away by fierce looking bugs.

And this is why I want a dog.