Thursday, September 23, 2010

Entropy of the mind

Just kidding, but oooooh, how I love the imagery of THAT phrase!
I just typed it out, searching for a quick, entropy-esque title for a post about my kids' lack of interest in reading, but I must say I LOOOOVE what that phrase conjures. It could either mean someone who is scatterbrained (ahem...), or someone who is a little crazy (boy, it's getting warm in here...anyone else?)

So, anyway, I was just commenting over on the blog of my favorite English teacher and dental hygiene groupie, E., about kids and reading and went off on a rant that I thought might be more appropriate as a blog post, rather than a comment, so here it is.

My kids make me crazy with their lack of interest in reading in general. Max has read all the Harry Potter books, but he claims it was only because he "had to" for school (during silent reading time) and Oliver hasn't much bothered to read anything other than what's assigned or forced (although he does write stories quite regularly, of his own motivation). I keep trying to entice them both to read other books, but so far they are lazy, lazy, lazy and prefer to have ME read to them! Which I definitely enjoy doing, I just wish they would also take the plunge and fall in love with the escape of reading the way that I had done by the age of...5, I would say. But alas, they have not been consumed by the feverish need to devour the pages of a book at the expense of all other interactions or activities. Which, by the way, I would heartily approve of! You can't fight with an obsession that enriches the mind. Oh well. I guess that'll never happen...until I throw the xbox 360 out the window of a tall, tall building. Sigh.


Orange said...

I know, I know. Ben is a terrific reader, fast and fluent. But he doesn't get hooked into a book and not want to put it down. He only reads when someone tells him to read. The exception is books like "Ripley's Believe It or Not" and "Guinness Book of World Records," the digestible-small-chunk books of weird information.

He's read none of the Potter books. Read the first four or five Lemony Snickets; hasn't touched the rest of the volumes in the boxed set!

Now that school has started again, he has those classroom intervals when reading is what he has to do. I'm getting books *I* liked into that rotation now! And I just hit up Feral Mom for YA horror selections for the post-Goosebumps stage. I think Ben's gonna dig her recommendations.

word verification: chestro, for the chesty among us.

Lisa said...

Chestro!! Nice.

And? SOOOO nice to see you, Ms. Tangerine. :)

Darn un-ready kids. If Her Feral Highness gives you some good ones, would you pass them on to me? I would love to get the boys hooked on reading...