Friday, July 31, 2009

Rain, rain, Go AWAY!!

It's rained a lot this summer.
But oh well.
At least I'm home.

There was a time when I thought the interent solved every problem,
And then there was a time when I thought the internet caused all my problems.
I was right both times, and I was wrong.
But that's just sort of the way life works, isn't it?

I was just rolling a couple of words around in my mouth because they rhyme, and I'm not sure I ever noticed that before: furious and curious.

I just ordered a couple of new albums.
Maybe a strange duo, maybe not.
Wilco's latest, but my first Wilco purchase.
And Br00ke White...from Uh-merican Idyl.
She's my Car0le K!ng--love her voice and her soulfulness.

Also, I'm sort of wondering what kind of metaphorical (or metaphysical, perhaps?) lesson could be gleaned from the following scenario:
Through no fault of my own, I've ended up with 4 cats living in my house, sharing my bed (ugh). Cats which should be BALD, considering how much hair I sweep up (or ought to sweep up) on a daily basis. Cats...cats who are very good at killing and maiming small furry creatures. Mice, moles, birds--your guts are at risk to be smeared across my welcome mat! Yesterday's catch of the day? A baby bat. One minute Rocko is silently slinking across a tree branch, the next, there is a shredded-winged bat on my porch. Sigh. The best part? Tonight the thing was eaten or carried away by fierce looking bugs.

And this is why I want a dog.