Monday, August 22, 2011

I just found out that Glenn Beck is a Mormon...I'm aghast... It's sort of like finding out you share DNA with Charles Manson... So, lest any of my dearly Mormon friends and family misunderstand: that man is evil, and your backs. And don't for a second think he is "one of you." You are good, he is evil.

Friday, May 13, 2011

I think I'm ashamed of being a blogger drop-out...

Kind of like how I dropped out of college--
just sort of got caught up in new currents,
ya know?
Wandered away...
And the guilt! Oh, the guilt!
I miss blogging all the time,
but I know that so many of my dear bloggy companions
are as long gone as I am.
Which makes a return far less enticing.
Besides the fact that I am not
connected-like-Keaneau-in-the-Matrix to it anymore.
It was certainly an addiction for a while there.
Woven into the fabric of my daily life,
like oxygen and cat hair.
Oh wait, that's NOW.
Well, the cat hair infiltrating every aspect of my life, at least...
But I digress.

Maybe when I get a little more distance,
I'll be able to write a book about the two lives I lived.
The first marriage, and the second.
The way I rebelled against Utah and felt trapped in my uncomfortably-fitting marriage vs. the way I settle-with-deep-contentment into Maine and glory in every moment I get to spend with my True Love....ahem...yes, well, now you remember why I haven't been blogging, right? Hehe...
Yes, I've settled into Real Life, but he's still,'s like he's oxygen and cat hair to me! Wait...what?
Seriously...I live and breathe this guy.
Three years we've been together, and he still gives me butterflies,
I still CAN'T WAIT for him to get home from work every day,
and send him love notes all day...
So, anywho.
Where was I?
Cuz now I'm just sitting here smiling into the blue...

Have a lovely weekend, kids.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Floo Fighters

Where are the Floo Fighters when you need 'em?
Are they off playing a stadium somewhere?
Are they sleeping off a month-long binge?
Or am I really just talking about something to fight off this bout of influenza I fear is hovering just around a corner, waiting to pounce??


I am achy and tired and I keep finding myself spacing out.
The boys at work keep catching me in the latter act and saying, "Smoked!"
I'm really not sure what it means...yes, that probably means I'm getting old, but through context I have determined it means something like..."You've had it" or "You're toast".
I am old.
And today, I feeeeeeel old.
I heard a fading echo of James Brown just after writing that drawn-out "feel", but I haven't the energy to sing it. Even internally.

One more day of work, then a day off.
I hate working somewhere that is only open 5 days a week, because that means that when it is open extra days for vacations, we just have to work extra days.
Boss took pity and let me out a couple of hours early today, so I could get my homework done for Tuesday, which means I'll also be able to rest up a bit this afternoon.

Meanwhile, my long and lanky Love is designing the invitation to our big event. Pie Night merges with a Portrait Party!
It's going to be so much fun!
And lots of great friends and/or family.

I finished reading my chapter, listening to an hour or so of lecture, answering study questions, and taking a quiz.
Which means I've earned a few moments with my Kindle, right?
I have so many great books on there, I kind of don't know where to start.
I've started a few since burning through my first full book, but can't quite settle on one.
"Last Night in Twisted River" by John Irving
"Where Men Win Glory" By Jon Krakauer
"Already Dead" by Charlie Houston

I guess I better just commit to one and prioritize the rest....
I don't do well with reading several things at once.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Semester Begins

Woooo! Here I go.
Diving head first into a new semester of college.
I have 3 classes again, as I did last semester,
maybe one day I'll actually graduate.
But I'm not holding my breath!

Here's what I have:
Introduction to World Geography
Grant Writing
History of the Maine Coast

I'm excited.
Grant Writing is a skill I've wanted to learn for a while, so hopefully I achieve that goal...
One never knows.
Geography will fill a general ed requirement, and I tend to enjoy the subject, so hopefully that won't be too painful...
And then the history of my beautiful state's coastline and fishing industry from prehistory to the present will be just plain great knowledge to have! I'm really looking forward to it.

Now if only I can stay on top of my assignments and my housework.....