Monday, September 20, 2010

What I should be doing Vs. What I am doing

Today, what I should be doing is: homework and baking.
But what I am doing is: downloading Internet Explorer 8 and updating my blog.
I will get to the other stuff, and technically, I was downloading ie8 so that I could more readily look into what my homework assignments are for the week....but it took forever and I got caught up reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo while it downloaded and rebooted and et cetera.
The first chapter was a little dry for me--lots of Swedish place names and business names that meant, oh...really close to NOTHING to me, which didn't hold my interest very well.
Fortunately, I had heard from EVERYONE that it was a thrill-ride, a page-turner and a truly excellent read, or else I would have wandered off and hooked up with one of the other books in my stack left over from this summer ("The Summer of Reading", as I dubbed it). I read a ton of books this summer, and still have four more (including Girl w/ Drag Tat and its sequel) before I am totally finished with the ridiculous number of books I purchased.
No regrets.
All were delicious and marvelous in their own way.
Read lots by Christopher Moore, whom I highly recommend to anyone who doesn't mind lots of swearing along with their wit and whimsy.
Also read The Hunger Games trilogy and The Passage. All four of which were excellent. The Passage in particular was so well written that it almost made me weep with joy for the art of storytelling.
See...I have developed this problem over the past few years. A problem wherein I am remarkably critical of the books I read. I can't seem to help second-guessing the choices some authors make and it really changes the experience. I am partly attempting to learn from them, and partly attempting to...I don't know...maybe reassure myself that there is room in the library for one more imperfect author...?

I better wrap up, or I will not finish my list of chores before the kids get out of school.

Au revoir--


The Rice Family said...

There's lotsa room in the library, baby. DO IT!

Lisa said...

Peer pressure...aaah.....
Just kidding. :)
I really, really, hope to.
Plan to?