Monday, February 22, 2010

I saw a picture of a photograph....

Today I met a friend for lunch so that we could celebrate the fact that February vacation is OVER.
For me it is a relief to be finished with the grueling schedule at work, and for her it is just nice to have the restless children back in school.
I cannot believe how much my typing skills have suffered since switching to my Blackberry for all internet communications!
I can't seem to type more than a few letters without making a mistake.


I was looking at the facebook photos of some friends and for one brief moment I imagined how it would be to slip inside a photograph. What if I could reach out and when my fingers made contact with the paper, it would vanish and my whole arm, then my entire body would slip through into the time and place of that photograph. I would blink, straighten my shoulders and take a good look around.

I was reading through the archives from my Bored Housewife days and maaaan...I really was a different person. I am finding my way back to Me, and it is a truly marvelous feeling. Now if only "Me" could remember to be thin!

I don't know how to blog anymore.
But I do need to write on a regular basis.


Jennifer said...

My old e-mails for you are no good. Where can I find you? I want to FB friend you but can't find you under L.A. Too many peeps. What to do?! I'm so glad you contacted me. I think about you and wonder how you are. Well I see you are married! Congrats! And still happily home in Maine. Great! Please e-mail me. my contact info hasn't changed.